$1000 spent at my Favorite Steakhouse (108oz Wagyu + King Crab + more!!) 

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My Most EXPENSIVE CHALLENGE to date!!! $1000 of food from my favorite Steakhouse in the Bay, Alexander's Steakhouse. Really gonna miss having special dinners here... the food is so amazing...
Food List
$700 - 54oz Wagyu F1 Tomahawk Steaks (x2)
$186 - Onigara King Crab Legs (x3)
$48 - Hamachi Shots (x8)
$36 - Macarons (x12)
$16 - Truffled French Fries
$14 - Blistered Shishito Peppers
$10 - Fancy Fizzy Water
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Matt Stonie
Matt Stonie Uukausi sitten
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نلبتنب ناربهلي
Black Wolf 2.0
Black Wolf 2.0 Päivä sitten
Matt i love your videos but can you eat F HOLE FISHES
Chapo Romero
Chapo Romero 2 päivää sitten
@Matt Stonie try the regular show challenge see it season 3 episode 18
Chapo Romero
Chapo Romero 2 päivää sitten
@Matt Stonie u should do the regular show challenge I think I just made this challenge but u should try it it’s season 3 episode 18
Skelly Da SkuLL
Skelly Da SkuLL 3 päivää sitten
@MrGill congrats
Vex on 100 ping
Vex on 100 ping 47 minuuttia sitten
The fact that the girl behind the camera didn’t knock him out with a pan and eat all the food
HANMA 111 Tunti sitten
its ramadan and im watching this, I dont know why.
Natalie Tunti sitten
I cant believe your skinny!!
TIna Streible
TIna Streible 3 tuntia sitten
Know one talking obit how he never clipbaits us
rosmill1 3 tuntia sitten
How is he standing 🤣
J Johnson
J Johnson 3 tuntia sitten
700$ for the Steaks they can keep it.
Daniel Zimmermann
Daniel Zimmermann 4 tuntia sitten
you should do a war heads challenge
SOULS_ EATER 4 tuntia sitten
Why am i watching this in Ramadan why 😂😂
Mehmet Yilmaz
Mehmet Yilmaz 4 tuntia sitten
Matt Stonie please do a Mukbang collaboration with Mino 😎
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha 5 tuntia sitten
Why is this guy flexing f1 steak its the worst kind how stake rating works is the letter is the quality and the number is the marbling rating it goes from f to a and 1 to 5 so f1 is the worst kind of steak G
Marts 5 tuntia sitten
it's nice see matt just thoroughly enjoying the food
محمدرفعت رفعت
ツAtomixV2 8 tuntia sitten
Matt: Its my last few weeks here in san jose and im trying to bring the rest of the time videos with my favourite restaurants and food... Also matt: *eats onion raw in 25 secs 1 week before*
Jacob Phelps
Jacob Phelps 8 tuntia sitten
TIV67 Playz
TIV67 Playz 8 tuntia sitten
People need to wake up we are in the end times. If you don’t believe me well, it’s your choice if you want to accept Jesus or not but listen Jesus is the truth. He’s the protector and comforter and will give you joy and peace. The power of Jesus is so evident these days, just look at boonk gang, he’s a Christian now. Jesus wants you in heaven. He died for you. And not just a simple death, he died taking in the worst punishment and pain of all. By his death and resurrection we have heaven. All you need to do is have faith or trust in him to save you and not by your works. The yoctosecond you do that you are given the Holy Spirit of promised and sealed to the day of redemption. The day of redemption is the rapture which is when we the saved ones get taken out before the perilous times come.I don’t want to go into detail about it cause it is scary but if you would like to go ahead. And if you do get saved I pray that the Holy Spirit leads you to repentance and prayer and reading the Bible.May god show himself to you and his love towards you.
Joshua Culham
Joshua Culham 8 tuntia sitten
U should do chees balls
Nakul joge
Nakul joge 8 tuntia sitten
Hi bro I your big fan from India
Prakhar Singh
Prakhar Singh 9 tuntia sitten
He just finished a buffet of 10 people while I was having a plate of noodles😤😤
Dominick Benton
Dominick Benton 9 tuntia sitten
you should do 1000$ in sushi
chunchoetoleafoa 9 tuntia sitten
I’m glad he smashed one tomahawk and left one to enjoy!🥺💯 ive never had wagyu in my life but man do I love my picanhya 😭
ZOZO زوزآيهہ
ZOZO زوزآيهہ 9 tuntia sitten
اكل لحم مال بانيه العراقين منا لسنه لكدام
Kashmiri Queen
Kashmiri Queen 10 tuntia sitten
ramadan mubrak!
MR BLAK 10 tuntia sitten
At least sit back and relax
Paul Nosdo Jr.
Paul Nosdo Jr. 11 tuntia sitten
my neck hurts because of the crab leg
PHD S 11 tuntia sitten
Yo just ate 2 months of living in Latin America
Roberto Rayo Herrera
Roberto Rayo Herrera 11 tuntia sitten
Holy crab.
Swagmite3000 LiveTV
Swagmite3000 LiveTV 12 tuntia sitten
How does this man not get fat ?
Royalbrain 5663
Royalbrain 5663 12 tuntia sitten
I think f1 beef is the badest quality, but ik that a5 is the best
Torki de L'ovni
Torki de L'ovni 13 tuntia sitten
I am vegan
Faheem Syed
Faheem Syed 13 tuntia sitten
he's wearing a tie
Lil Lustawaii
Lil Lustawaii 13 tuntia sitten
Sou de Portugal 🇵🇹 muito bom 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Modern viral world
Modern viral world 14 tuntia sitten
Me fasting and also watching matt stonie 😂😂😂 Damn
noah molina
noah molina 14 tuntia sitten
who is behind the camera
Yousra Koky
Yousra Koky 14 tuntia sitten
Lil JeNNxx Naga
Lil JeNNxx Naga 15 tuntia sitten
I'm hungry
Freddie Highmore
Freddie Highmore 15 tuntia sitten
Meat lovers will be jealous after watching this!
Bred 2343
Bred 2343 16 tuntia sitten
More lighting would be better
cherriemerrie 16 tuntia sitten
i think u needa break bud
cherriemerrie 16 tuntia sitten
ReneFox 16 tuntia sitten
How does he doesn't gain weight for all those videos and the food that he ate lol
Yang W
Yang W 16 tuntia sitten
First time i actually see him enjoying the food and eat it relativ slow.
Mohammed Bawar
Mohammed Bawar 16 tuntia sitten
I bet the amount he has eaten on this channel he could probloy feed a whole country for 5years
BAKA 16 tuntia sitten
A lion can eat 21 kilos in one sitting. Matt:Pathetic
Kian Morden
Kian Morden 19 tuntia sitten
Dont lie, you skipped the ad time.
Forever Weeb
Forever Weeb 20 tuntia sitten
Watching this while fasting hits differently
Razorshard 161
Razorshard 161 21 tunti sitten
I’m over here just wondering how all this food fits in his stomach lmao
عبدالله الدوسري
Gingo 22 tuntia sitten
Why is he trying to speed eat it, no one is gonna break this record Maybe Possibly I dont know
juliana 23 tuntia sitten
Band Head A.L
Band Head A.L Päivä sitten
He should try eating 10,000 crawfish 👀👀👀👀
Vino Redaja
Vino Redaja Päivä sitten
Hi everyone, Jesus is coming soon and for you to be saved accept him as your personal Lord and Savior he is very near, don't wait till its too late. Ask forgiveness to him and he will forgive you. Just pray always cause he hears you. Know him and he will Change you.❤️
Vino Redaja
Vino Redaja Päivä sitten
Hi everyone, Jesus is coming soon and for you to be saved accept him as your personal Lord and Savior he is very near, don't wait till its too late. Ask forgiveness to him and he will forgive you. Just pray always cause he hears you. Know him and he will Change you.❤️
Kyrillio Päivä sitten
What? the deal with 1000 dollar I don't really care 1000 dollar isn't much tho
Owen Is Bad
Owen Is Bad Päivä sitten
At first did he say those steaks were 54 pounds?
Aremi Päivä sitten
I rather buy a new PC for 1000$ lol
Tiktok Remix JYanz
Tiktok Remix JYanz Päivä sitten
Current register valid for US citizen only?
Sahrul Ramadhan
Sahrul Ramadhan Päivä sitten
I m from Indonesia
Dat Boi44
Dat Boi44 Päivä sitten
Matt:*opens fridge* Fridge: Yay time to lose 100 pounds.
Zefy Plays
Zefy Plays Päivä sitten
I live in the same city
Kiwili Jölee
Kiwili Jölee Päivä sitten
Why am ı doing this to myself?
Jokerang1 Päivä sitten
That’s a lot of crab Rangoons
Ghazala Bashir
Ghazala Bashir Päivä sitten
Challenge for you wach it while I are hungry
FunEvening Päivä sitten
2* speed hehe
Splotch Ray
Splotch Ray Päivä sitten
What flavour where the macaroons
Cxmel Päivä sitten
Me: fasting Also me:let me see people eating food
Abubakar Othman
Abubakar Othman Päivä sitten
Aaahh unakulaa ww ila hunishindi mm
Dirty Dave
Dirty Dave Päivä sitten
At one point I thought he's going to devour the bones too
Futron Päivä sitten
Ahh Matt u deserve to take ur time you beast
rodut420 Päivä sitten
This is the closest we'll ever get to seeing him enjoy his food
apps apps
apps apps Päivä sitten
you are an elv
Suliman Fahad
Suliman Fahad Päivä sitten
How are you still skin
eris jaghoori
eris jaghoori Päivä sitten
سلام وقت بخیر مطالبی این روزها منتشر میشه چه در فضای حقیقی چه در فضای مجازی چه از طریق کتاب ها یا حتی از طریق رویای صادقه و ملکوت آسمان ... خبر اومدن یمانی ... فرقی نمیکنه ما مسلمون باشیم، یا مسیحی یا یهودی یا بی دین یا حتی بی خدا ... مطالبی عقلی برای حقانیت این موضوع داره منتشر میشه که نمیشه راحت از کنارش گذشت و رد شد... خدا مردم رو رها نکرده تا به این روز بیوفتند ... اوضاع امروز نتیجه انتخاب خود ما ست و نتیجه ی پشت کردن به خداست که باعث شده به اوضاع روحی و اخلاقی و اجتماعی و اقتصادی امروز برسیم.... یمانی موعود امروز در بین ماست نامش احمد الحسن است و سال هاست اعلام دعوت کرده... او تنها کسی هست که داره راه چاره ارائه میکنه برای خارج شدن از اوضاع امروزی... تنها کسی هست که تعریف دقیقی از انسانیت ارائه داده و بهش دعوت میکنه... در موردش تحقیق کنید‌... در این زمان خواست خدا اینه همه مردم با هر عقیده ای که درش متولد شدن حول یک پرچم جمع بشن... یمانی موعود در بین ماست... از او بخوانید : www.almahdyoon.com (نیاز به فیلتر شکن)
Dark Fire
Dark Fire Päivä sitten
Dam u have high metabolism I swear Lol
Tasniim Adam
Tasniim Adam Päivä sitten
POV: Your watching this during ramadan
Moonroof Päivä sitten
Im happy he enjoyed that food
Pikachu Päivä sitten
Why do I watch these when I’m starving
Armaan Ansari
Armaan Ansari Päivä sitten
Bruh I watched this while I am fasting
Bahug nawong
Bahug nawong Päivä sitten
This guy has strong stomach acid can melt steel
dababy Päivä sitten
I can't imagine the pain of recording this while having the scent of the food
Cheeze Päivä sitten
What's going on here, I'm only gone for 1 month-
Shanjit RajKumar
Shanjit RajKumar Päivä sitten
Change your background music, it suck
Bluebelle uwu
Bluebelle uwu Päivä sitten
People who don’t eat meat: ...
Delborne Päivä sitten
6:28 unga bunga stone age man moment
RDG GAMERZ Päivä sitten
Y he is still not fat 🤣
Hong Wei
Hong Wei Päivä sitten
Its been this long i still wonder how is he not fat (idk how to say this but uh fat is more accurate)
RFC Päivä sitten
I feel sad for the camera girl lol She just watching him eat like....😢🍡😢🦐
Akif berkant Kaplan
Akif berkant Kaplan Päivä sitten
Açlıktan istiridye yi börek sanan ben😂😂🤣🤣
Jack Chai
Jack Chai Päivä sitten
Is it just me or is it that I see him wearing a bow tie-
shima Razai
shima Razai Päivä sitten
How are you not fat tell me your secret in one video pls I will love two know
black and white nightmares
Me is fasting:
Губайдуллин Даниэль
Я один русска язычный
لوفى Päivä sitten
لوفي. ياكل. اكثر 😂😂😂😂😂
Jevaino Talberg
Jevaino Talberg Päivä sitten
was that shrimp
Jevaino Talberg
Jevaino Talberg Päivä sitten
I really can't hear that
Jevaino Talberg
Jevaino Talberg Päivä sitten
I can't believe you can do it like this
james justin
james justin Päivä sitten
Damn i can't even see you gain weight
DA ES Päivä sitten
fiplace.info/loft/videot/rI-dZ2d3mp6sYag fiplace.info/loft/videot/aWyjlV6a263ZgqA
Cathaleya Q
Cathaleya Q Päivä sitten
When will you reveal show up your gf tho?😌
K I N G Päivä sitten
Never clickbait us!
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